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Zito Belair (Anthracite/Inox) Alloy WheelFitting Alloy Wheels to your car enhances the cars appearance. This, however, is not the only reason to fit Alloy Wheels to your car. If your car is fitted with 15" steel wheels and tyres, fitting a set of alloy wheels of 16" or 17" will greatly improve the road holding of the car, as you will have wider tyres, effectively more rubber on the road.

Alloy Wheels come in all different styles, from plain silver to polished face, 5 spokes to multi spokes. Almost every car/van/4x4 fitment is different, that's where we come in.

Once you have told us what you like, we will make sure if fits your car before we sell it to you! We also offer a full fitting service. If you live in Berkshire or Buckinghamshire, one of our fitters will come to your home or work and fit your new wheels to your car, no messing around jacking your vehicle up, getting your hands dirty!

Original Equipment Alloy Wheels

Since our formation back in 1999, we have specialised in the supply of Original Equipment wheels from manufacturers such as Audi, BMWMercedesPorsche and VW. Our original equipment wheels are either brand new, fully refurbished or in excellent second hand condition. We love original equipment alloy wheels as they just fit, no messing with spacers and 'tuner bolts', and we are cheaper than buying them direct from the main dealers. Click here for more information on Original Equipment alloy wheels.

Aftermarket Alloy Wheels

Rosso RR4 Alloy WheelThere are many famous aftermarket wheel brands offering a variety of styles of replacement alloy wheels. From BBS to Zito, we have access to them all. Click here to see our wheel range. Alternatively, you can visit our partner site - #1 for cheap alloy wheels.

Getting Your New Alloy Wheels

Have a browse through our alloy wheel range then call us on 07768 772037 or Contact Us for a competitive quote on your new alloy wheel purchase. We aim to provide the best possible products combined with the best service, for the best possible price.

If you have seen a set of alloy wheels advertised on the internet, please let us know the site you found them on (note they must be new and not secondhand or refurbished).

We look forward to serving you very soon!