Original Porsche Alloy Wheels

We offer a vast range of original Porsche alloy wheels that cater for almost every model of Porsche cars currently on the market. Porsche owners like to upgrade their cars, and a new set of alloy wheels is one area that can enhance a cars look by either changing wheel style or upgrading to larger wheels and tyres.

By offering only genuine Porsche wheels, you are getting a quality product that has to pass the same control tests that Porsche cars go through, ensuring that the wheels that you purchase are fit for purpose.

Only Genuine Porsche Alloy Wheels - Not Replicas

We do not supply replica wheels - only genuine, original Porsche wheels, the same wheels that can be bought through the Porsche dealer network, but at better prices.

Delivered To Your Door

All of our Porsche alloy wheel sets can be delivered to your home or place of work, through our nationwide courier service partner, UK Mail. You can also choose to have tyres fitted to your new alloy wheel purchase. The tyres will be fitted and the wheels balanced, ensuring that the wheels can be fitted straight onto your car without fuss.

If you have any questions about ordering any Porsche alloy wheels, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!

Porsche official website: www.porsche.com/uk/