Cracked Wheels? Get Them Repaired!

The roads in the UK are in a terrible state, something which has been commented and debated about for a long time. After 3 successive harsh winters, the cold weather has taken it's toll on our road network and potholes have been appearing and affecting our cars/vans/trucks through damaged suspensions, tyres and wheels.

When your wheel hits a pothole, your wheel will take the biggest force of that hit. The tyre that surrounds your wheel is designed to flex, so all the energy created by hitting a pothole travels onto your wheel, then up through the cars suspension. Most modern cars have alloy wheels fitted as standard and these potholes are not a wheels best friend!

When a wheel hits a pothole, the most likely outcome is a crack will form on the inside of the wheel, normally 1-1.5 inches long. This then allows the tyre to deflate slowly, often only losing a couple of pounds a week. You will then believe that you have suffered a puncture, only to take it to be repaired to be told that there is no puncture and to 'keep an eye on it'. Cracks caused by potholes can sometimes be very hard to see, so please make sure whomever you take your wheel to, they spray the back (or inside) of the wheel with a leak detection fluid, just to make sure.

If the wheel has been cracked, don't panic! This does not mean that wheel has to be replaced, thus costing you upwards of £500-600 each. All small cracks can be repaired, safely and easily and often only costs between £60 and £80.

Cracks are repaired safely using British Standard welding methods and tools. As you can imagine, we are busy at the moment with repairs to alloy wheels, but please Contact Us to see if we can help before buying a new wheel!

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