Replica Wheels are dead

RIP Replica WheelsLong live original wheels!

After 10 years, replica wheels have finally been killed off through a series of high court actions against the manufacturers of these wheels, brought by the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.

Arriving on our shores in late 2000, replica wheels changed the face of the aftermarket wheel business and, due to the high price of original, genuine wheels, people bought replica wheels to help save money. The first replica wheels that came to the UK were made in Italy and were of very good quality and were quite expensive, averaging £150 a wheel for an 18" replica wheel. However, when wheels that were made in the Far East (China, Indonesia) arrived they were selling for £70-£80 each and the quality was poor.

With BMW and Mercedes now taking tough action on anyone selling these wheels, most of the suppliers have now stopped importing them. Original wheels, although expensive, is now the way to go if your are looking at replacing the wheels on your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche or VW.

We stock sets of original equipment alloy wheels, mostly these wheels have been refurbished and are complete with tyres. Have a look through our stock and if we do not have what you are looking for, send us an enquiry.

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