Winter Wheels & Tyres

Winter Wheels & TyresWith the winter fast approaching, it is now time to consider fitting some winter wheels and/or tyres.

With the UK experiencing harsh winters for the last 5 years, winter tyres and sets of alloy wheels with winter tyres fitted to them, have become more and more common.

Why are Winter Tyres a good idea?

In temperatures of 7°C and lower, normal summer tyres begin to harden and braking distances increase. Commonly used across Europe, winter tyres are designed primarily for added safety. However, they also deliver improved performance and everyday practicality, allowing uninterrupted driving through the coldest months.

The most important aspect of fitting winter tyres is braking distance. In temperatures of 3°c, braking on a wet road surface from 50mph down to 0mph, a vehicle fitted with winter tyres will stop in a 12% shorter distance as opposed to standard or summer tyres.

Winter Tyres Braking Distance

Do I really need a set of new wheels?

Yes and No. Yes, if you have a vehicle such as an X5 with 20" wheels fitted to it, it is best to fit a set of wheels with winter tyres that are 18" in diameter. This not only will be cheaper, but will allow the tyres to disperse snow and ice better under the wheel arch (in other words it will prevent the vehicle from 'clogging' up).

No. If you just have standard alloy wheel sizes, such as 16", it is probably better to just fit winter tyres on when the winter months arrive and then swap back when spring (hopefully) comes around.

Cost. Swapping over tyres twice can become expensive, but you may feel able to jack up your own vehicle and swap your summer wheels and tyres for your winter ones. This is the most common practice in countries such as Sweden and Switzerland, where it is law to have winter tyres fitted. They even have special 'tyre hotels' where you can store your winter wheels and tyres to save you taking up room in your garage!

With such a vast range available, in can be tough making the right choice for winter wheels and tyres. We can help you make the right decision and have access to every major winter tyre brand available and can also guide you on various manufacturers for alloy wheels.

Please feel free to give us a call on 0118 418 1111 or complete our Contact Us form for a quote.

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