Part Worn Tyres

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Part Worn TyresMonty's Wheels and Tyres specialise in High Performance, high grade Part Worn Tyres.

With new tyre prices increasing, people are now turning to part worn tyres to replace their own worn out tyres. We hand pick our own part worn tyres, ensuring that the tyre has even wear and no major repairs or sidewall repairs (which are both illegal in the UK).

We test every single one of our tyres for puncture's and sidewall damage (i.e ripped sidewalls or bulges in the sidewall). Any tyres that have the need to be repaired are done so by trained technicians using only BS (British Standards) plugs and repair methods.

N Rated (Porsche) Part Worn Tyres

Part Worn TyresOur biggest market is the supply (and fit) of part worn tyres for Porsche cars. All Porsche tyres have specific compound mixes, and these are indentifiable by the letter N followed by a number (i.e N2). These tyres have been tested by Porsche and are certified for use on their cars. Although not illegal, it is highly recommended that you fit N rated tyres to your Porsche.

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You can now buy part worn tyres through our site directly, please click here to go to the shop. If we do not have what you require in stock at the time, click here to leave an enquiry and we will contact you when tyres do come into stock.