Tyre Pressure Monitoring

TyreSure Tyre Pressure Monitoring SystemTyreSure's Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) can help save fuel, save tyre wear and most importantly, save lives.

In recent analysis by leading tyre manufacturers, up to 90% of vehicles on roads in the UK do not have the correct pressures in their tyres. This leads to greater fuel consumption and increased tyre wear, but the most shocking statistic is the increase in the likelihood of a serious road traffic accident.

You may ask the question, why does the incorrect pressure in my tyre affect fuel consumption and tyre wear? Well, a 6 PSI drop in pressure = 5%-10% increase in fuel consumption and a 20% + in tyre wear, due the 'drag' effect (an under inflated tyre causes the car to use more power, therefore more fuel).

To maintain the correct pressures requires you to reguarly check them with a traditional tyre pressure gauge. Not only is this time consuming but, lets be honest, how many people actually do this???!!!!

TyreSure SystemThe TyreSure Tyre Pressure Monitoring System solves these problems. The system constantly monitors tyre pressure and temperature, alerting the driver when the tyre pressure or tyre temperature are abnormal.

Click here to read a review of the TyreSure System as fitted by us, in the VW Driver Magazine. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document.

How does it work?

A new valve has to be inserted into the wheel. Attached to this valve is the sensor. Inside this sensor is a transmitter which transmits the tyre pressure and tyre temperature to the reciever which is located in the car. The reciever is fully portable and powered by a cigarette lighter adapter.

The system will alert the driver within 3 seconds of any change in tyre pressure.


  • Better Fuel Consumption - Saves Money
  • Normal Tyre Wear - Saves Money
  • No Low Tyre Pressure Tyre Failure - Saves Lives


  • TyreSure Car
  • TyreSure Van
  • TyreSure Bus (6 Wheels)
  • TyreSure Lorry (6 Wheels )
  • TyreSure Motorbike

The TyreSure system will fit into most Alloy Wheels and the battery has a 7 year life expectancy. If you order a set of wheels and tyres plus the TyreSure system, we will fit it into your new wheels for you. Replacement valves and sensors are also available from us.

If you would like to order a TyreSure system please call us on 0118 418 1111 or Contact Us.